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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

halloween pictures

Scene 1: While walking inside Robinsons Galleria towards the dept store we passed by the Halloween display of Toys are Us with the sales person in his Halloween costume.

Me: Ate, I want a picture with Mr. Halloween Guy.
Sis: Ok ok, go. Oh no, you’re a Christian and you support Halloween.
Me: (laughing) yeah right, it’s a pagan celebration… but why did you take a picture of me inside that giant pumpkin in SM Makati yesterday?
Sis: Coz, it’s a fruit. (laughing)
Me: Yeah, and its not Halloween Guy right?... (laughing)

Scene 2: Inside Bestseller National Bookstore in Robinsons Galleria while waiting for my sister’s friend, the two of us were taking pictures of each other. I posed with the books then picked up WITCH.

Sis: Ahh, because I didn’t allow you to have a picture with the Halloween guy, you’d rather have a picture with WITCH..

(Both laughed)
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