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Monday, December 28, 2009


> Meron ba kayong phone na may AM?
> Wala po e. PM lang
> ahhh... puro FM lang.. FM lang

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Casino, hindi perya

Ivan: Mangga, nakapag casino ka na bah?
Me: Hindi pa.
Ivan: Wow. try mo baka may beginner's luck ka.

Jhun: (butting in) ako mga tsong, nakapag casino na ako sa perya.. nakakatuwa....
Brian: hindi casino yun.. perya yun..

hahahaha... barado na naman c kuya Jhun.. ahihi

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winning a Million

it was raining really hard... i cant go out...
there was brown out... and there was super high flood outside... it reached the second level of the building where i am residing... (good thing we are on the third level)
there was typhoon Ondoy, raging on metrol manila!...

neweiz, i dont have anything else to do... after the typhoon i still cant go out since the flood was very high plus it was all muddy...
my roommate is already asleep.. we dont have anything else to do... all we were doing was sleep, check the flood, wait for rescuers that might give us some food (we were never lucky to receive food from them) then sleep, check the flood and so on....

i cant sleep, ive been sleeping the whole time... suddenly i remember about my sister's friend who won a million pesos from SM, by using his advantage card... that guy was not even aware that he was qualified for the raffle.. he was totally surprised when he won the raffle...
it made me think, what if id win a million too?... if that would happen, probably half of it will go to the bank for a time deposit, a portion of the other half will go to my mom and dad (probably pay all their debts), a portion will be for a business (computer shop), then, probably i would have a hundred thousand pesos for shopping for my place and id pay the rent for the half of the year, id shop for a new TV, refrigerator and a DVD player, id shop for my apt... how cool is that?

neweiz, after that thought or shall i say hopes and dreams, i become excited of my life.. i become excited of getting my own SMAC... hahahaha... i may not be really lucky for things like that, but at least im excited about it...

moral of this post?

you will be bored of your life if your not aiming for something.. if you dont have dreams and hope for the future... i felt excited after dreaming about it... feels like, there is still hope... someday, id win a million too.. ;)

im excited about updating my resume because i am hoping for a higher position...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hand washing

this is a post in the the washroom of Starbucks near our office...

i have been wanting to take a post this here before but it just so happened i dont have y camera, until i finally was able to bring my camphone with me...
neweiz, im jkust wondering if coz it seems like its not conserving water..
lol... it will take time to dry my hands and before i can turn off the faucet... lol
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