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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not too Late for Sudoku Craze

My first ever sudoku is from a Star Mag of Jan 2007.

It was actually my big brother who got me into this... He was browsing the mag and then asked me if I know how to solve a sudoku… I haven’t really tried it before… im not one of those who got into the sudoku craze back in 2007… but I told him, maybe I should try it now, and check if my IQ result is for real… lol..

So there I was solving the sudoku while attending the sari-sari store my big bro owned… I don’t know, I think I started solving it at the time of Pinoy Big Brother (what time does PBB starts?) and finally solved it at almost eleven.. whew... what a noob… lol

(don’t mind the more difficult.. started solving it the next day..with so many interruptions I didn’t finished it, instead I tried solving the crossword puzzle.. lol)

Anyway, I noticed there is something wrong… I think the categories of the sudoku should use same adjective… so if they want to use the adjective “easy”, then the categories will be easy and easier or if they want to use “difficult” then it should be just difficult and more difficult… but think it will be safe to use easy and difficult… Why make it complicated, right?.. duh!... lol..

Well, there must be some reason the ed used those terms… J

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