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Sunday, December 16, 2007

misleading sign

yeah, it says buy 2 take 1... but its not really what it is...

that sign should read "buy 2 save 1000 php"
coz, if youll only buy a single unit, it will cost around 1, 800 php...

the 1 who wrote it must be dumb or maybe it is intended to read that way to fool their costumers... tsk tsk tsk...

that is just so mean... waaaaaaaahhhhhhh

*model: Jomvi

Sunday, December 2, 2007

happy monthsary

when i first heard of the term MONTHSARY from a friend, there was a big question mark in my face... i wondered if there really is such a term...
so, when i saw mr. webster lying down in my bed one night, i remembered about the term monthsary. i asked him about the meaning of it but he doesn't know...

so i was like, hey there is no such term as monthsary... duh!...

i usually hear the term monthsary from the mouths of my friends.... so again i checked the term online... in the online dictionary but there is no meaning...
even MS Word doesn't recognize it... Mozilla firefox the web browser doesnt recognize it too...

oh well, i guess the term monthsary is short for month long anniversary... people love coining terms and shortening it... lol

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

useless sunscreen

i found this from a lotion

Get radiant white skin that glows healthy everyday...

yeah, it has UV protection... it has triple Sunscreen which helps prevent skin dullnes and dark spots caused by damaging UVA & UVB.. but there is a warning..
and the warning says: "keep away from sunlight exposure"

waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... what is the use of the sunscreen?...
people use sunscreen to protect them from UV rays... it is expected that they're kinda exposed to sunlight with their lifestyle that's why they use sunscreen but that lotion warned its user to keep away from sunlight... duh!.. what an irony...

Monday, October 29, 2007

love is blind

i was just cleaning may yahoo mail box and went back to my old mails.. then i went across to this

Hello Sweet Heart
How r u
I think fine
Plz be fine Every day ok
Plz send ur photo

I just wanted to see u
I dont know how i fell in love with u without seeing u
thats love is blind
I think u will send a photo for me
After i will send my photo to u
Take Care
Every Day
Sweet Dreams with lot of kissesss

Lol... this just made me laugh.... this is actually a mail from somebody i dont really know... i guess i met that guy from mirc coz i was used to chatting in mirc back when i was still in high school.. when i was still 13- 15.. duh!... lol

oh well, so that's the meaning of love is blind... loving a person you havn't really seen or met yet...

Welcome to the cyber world!....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

walk quietly

ok this sign is found in a dept in my school...

ouch.,.. that hurts... lol...
oh well, that sign only shows that students who passes by in that area are really noisy.... waaaaahhhhhh

Saturday, October 27, 2007

zero and letter O


why do people use o as a number.. i thought o is the fifteenth letter of the english alphabet and not a number...
well, zero is considered as a number but not o....

just thought about this when a very close friend slash classmate of mine Jomvi gave his celphone number to another classmate... so he said zero nine o six blah blah blah...

after that, i reacted "hei, o isnt even a number"... lol ( dont worry he is used to that.. he reacts more than i do.. lol)
so he reasoned out.. his point was that people are fond of using short cuts and short terms... waaaaahhhhhh

yeah right Jomvi.. lol

Friday, October 12, 2007

no fear

from some potpot (tricycle) in Baybay City, Leyte...
hahahaha.. i didnt waste my time to take a picture of it....

a brand victim.... lol

Thursday, October 11, 2007

post - pose

i just notice that there are some people in friendster who cant distinguish post from pose.. or maybe don't really know the meaning at all... waaaaaaahhhh.. who thinks post means pose...

just notice that there are some people in friendster who would put captions like

"take a post", "me taking a post", "a post in blahblah" in their friendster photos...

hey, there is a big difference between post and pose... so check your dictionary... ;)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

virus in my ipod

im charging my ipod shuffle in my pc now... i noticed that it didnt automatically sync with my itunes. i tried to open it in my mycomputer... and this is what i got

i tried to quarantine it... but this is what will happen...
the same thing with terminating it... so, i tried to view the details... and this is what i got
(double click the picture to enlarge....)

and oh, i tried to check about it in www.viruslist.com, it said that


Worms of this kind spread across peer-to-peer networks via shared folders and across the Internet via email messages.

nweiz, its not a virus after all... its a worm... waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

DDC Virus Alert

this is what's new in our dept. a new virus threat that has been destroying our computers... this virus delete files from ur hard drive. i dont know, i think the virus already have 9 victims from our dept. including the computer in the digital room, computer of the our two instructors and students who have been inserting their flash drives in the computer in the digital room.
everything will be deleted... if you have partitioned ur system, the virus will just select what partition will it destroy...

and now, im worried coz i think my pc is already infected with this virus... its just that, one time when my i inserted a flash drive of my friend in my pc (because he was asking me to save his pics), my kaspersky detected a virus.. its was like generic.p2p something... the option was either terminate and quarantine... but no matter what i would select it will tell me to roll back.. waahhh.. i scanned the flash drive but my kaspersky cant detect any virus.. but everytime i open his drive the same thing happen...

and last day, somebody inserted my ipod in the computer in the digital room coz he wants to copy my music to his mp4. i just let him anyway...
but last night when i inserted my ipod to my pc, i was shocked to that my kaspersky detected the same virus... i scanned the ipod and kaspersky didnt detected any threats... the same thing with my classmate's flash drive... anyway, i didnt really care mind it... but when, there was a break out of this virus in the dept, it made me worried..

everybody in the dept are now advised to back up their important files in a cd...

they said, its a new virus that's why no matter how updated our internet security/virus scanner it can't detect the threat. and they're suspecting that somebody must have gotten this file from an email or something from the internet... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh

see?... our dept is now prominent since a virus is named after it... waaaahhhhh... kidding, we were just making fun of it, coz of how the anouncement read... its like the name of the virus is DDC...

you want to know, how the virus look like?

the virus looks like these three... lol

waaaaahhhh.. im now worried that its now slowly eating up my files....

Friday, October 5, 2007

thank you for viewing my profile

im actually supposed to blog about this last night... but because of my memory loss, i forgot of what im supposed to blog about... waaahhhhhh...
i was trying to remember last night, what was the topic ill be blogging that time... coz earlier that night, while my two gay friends/classmates and I were talking about anything and everything, my friend got to talk about friendster. Jomvi was asking me, if people will have interest on adding people who's profile are set to private... well, i don't think so.. people usually add people in their friendster friends' list if they like or enjoy somebody's profile... at least, except those who personally know that person who's profile is set to private... and those people who are just collecting people in their list.
neweiz, he asked me about that because he thinks people with private profile are sick... specially those who kept on viewing his... hahahahahaha
and so, that conversation made me remember that i was once checking the people who viewed me that day.. then, i came to a profile which was set to private but her shout was was like "thank you for viewing my profile... blah blah blah" that made me laugh a little coz, i thought that who would care about her profile if her profile was set to private.. duh!

i totally forgot about this last night... so when i saw Rick and Jomvi in the university, i asked them what was that thing i told them im going to blog about... lucky, Rick remembered.. lol

and oh... Thank you for reading my blog.... ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

set - seat?

on the bus on the way home from our field visit in Liloan, Southern Leyte for our video production project..

ahihihi.. i grabbed the chance to take a picture of it so i can post it in the "wow mali" thread in the Nocturnals assoc. friendster group... waaaaaahhhhhhh


on my way to school one day, i heard this lady talking with her friend...

"di bah mas better kung..."

ahihihi.. better na nga.. MAS pa.. di kaya best na yun?... waaaaahhhhhh

ahihihi.. talk about redundancy... and talk about eavesdropping... waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
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