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Monday, December 15, 2008


i helped an old woman today...

i was walking on the way to the bank this afternoon when i noticed somebody is calling at my back until she finaly tapped me with her umbrella..
i turned back and saw a small old lady teary eyed...
she asked for apology and asked me where is the way to Jenny's... she was pissed off with the driver... she said the first jeepney driver let her get off somewhere near the bridge and asked her to ride another jeepney... the next jeepney, let her get off somewhere near our place i guess and just gave her back her fare...
i can see her wet eyes.. she told me she dont have enough money anymore... i gave her all the money i have in my pocket... she accepted it, thanked me and asked apology for the inconvenience... i accompanied her in crossing the road until she was able to find a jeepney..

i felt fulfilled although i realized later that i still have money in my pocket and i should have given it to her...

i feel proud of myself... at least i realized i am not totally bad after all.. lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008


recently, people have been asking me if i have a ponytail..
waaaaaaahhhhhhhh... are you insulting me?.. i am a human.. not a pony.. lol.. and we are not even in a magical world... hahahaha
and oh, cant you see?.. im wearing my hair down.. its not in ponytail... ok?... lol
anyway, they were actually just trying to borrow a hair scrunchy...

guys, you should know the difference between a ponytail and a hair scrunchy...

Ponytail is the hairstyle while scrunchy is the band to tie your hair... ;)

< this is the hair scrunchy

< this is the ponytail... its the hairstyle.. ;) 

oh come on... thanks to me you learn something new.. lol... peace... ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008


i was telling my customer on how to reload her card when i got tongue-tied and said

me: You can reLord...

my supervisor who was seated beside and my colleagues who heard me were all laughing... i laughed too that made my customer to asked me why i was laughing..

i dont know if she even noticed my mistake... lol

the line is choppy

my friend can barely hear his customer because the line was choppy..
he kept telling his customer to repeat what he said since the line was choppy until he said.

"Im sorry Mr. CX but the choppy is..."

we laughed and he then realized his mistake... put it on mute and laughed with us.. hahaha


another friend of mine was telling the customer that the line is choppy... she pronounced it as chappy... my other friend who was seated beside her, corrected her pronounciation right then and there... whew.. that was just so mean... he said, " choppy kasi pag chappy, chupa=chups yun... " hahaha

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mr. Customer

this happened in my past company..

a friend of mine while talking with his customer suddenly said...

"thank you for patiently wating MR. CUSTOMER"

hahahah.. we were really laughing when we heard him said that..
instead of adressing the customer his last name, he addressed him as Mr. Customer..
and he had a loud voice... i guess his phone/headset volume was on max that's why he didnt noticed his loud voice... lol
hahaha.. i guess he was panicking and was too focus with the spiel.. toinkz...
and oh we were in our A-Bay/Nesting period that time...
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