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Saturday, December 13, 2008


recently, people have been asking me if i have a ponytail..
waaaaaaahhhhhhhh... are you insulting me?.. i am a human.. not a pony.. lol.. and we are not even in a magical world... hahahaha
and oh, cant you see?.. im wearing my hair down.. its not in ponytail... ok?... lol
anyway, they were actually just trying to borrow a hair scrunchy...

guys, you should know the difference between a ponytail and a hair scrunchy...

Ponytail is the hairstyle while scrunchy is the band to tie your hair... ;)

< this is the hair scrunchy

< this is the ponytail... its the hairstyle.. ;) 

oh come on... thanks to me you learn something new.. lol... peace... ;)


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