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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bb. Pilipinas

when i saw ruffa guttierez gave her comment to the Bb. Pilipas world about her poor english speaking skill it made me wonder what's wrong with her until i found a video of the Q&A portion of the BB. Pilipinas in youtube...

wtf. what is so wrong with her.. why did she even join the pageant?... lol

ruffa was right... she should practice her english speaking skill..

and she's a mass communication student?.. double wtf... waaaaahhhhh

uhmm, miss Janina

there is a big difference between P and F
Pamily = family
pirst = first
taf = top

so what if ur 17 and that was ur first time?..

you should have just joined Miss. Tipay or Miss "kalagkalag" wahahahahahaha...

ok so lets leave the english speaking skill and the grammatical errors she made...

what about the answer?.. she didnt make any sense and she didnt really gave the preferred answer to the question.. lol

Munting Miss U could answer that... lol

and oh, the way she talks?.. and her gestures?.. it looks like she's just talking with somebody in the street..

now, im wodering why she got the crown...

no offense meant here... we all have our opinions anyway...


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