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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halo-Halo or Banana con Yelo?

Certifyd Maldita was craving for something cold and sweet, so we went to Razon’s Filipino Restaurant since her officemate have mentioned that they have real good Halo-Halo.

We ordered a meal and ordered the regular halo-halo with extra leche flan.

When it was served, I got confused. It didn’t look like halo-halo to me. I thought that maybe the waiter served us the order for another table. So, I innocently and confusingly asked,

Me: Excuse me, is this halo-halo or banana con yelo?
Waiter: Halo-halo maam.
Me: Huh?! So, what are the ingredients of your halo-halo?
Waiter: Banana, macapuno, milk, ice and leche flan                          

We got disappointed. It sounded and looked more like Banana con Yelo to us. It tasted good though, it tasted real good for a special banana con yelo. Seriously, the local snack house in our small town has way better halo-halo with more ingredients mixed for only 35php.  


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