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Monday, July 12, 2010

got tan lines

is it just me or the sun has been really damaging nowadays...
i havent really been feeling the sun lately.. i used to work at night and sleep all day and during my off i go to the mall... and when i resigned i havent been going out...

anyway, its just that this mornin, me, my dad and my niece went to the beach to take a swim.. just for a morning exercise.. my niece was excited that i was awaken by her voice.. and she was telling me if i want to go.. of course i want to go.. i also need exercise you know.. lol

we were there at around 8.. i was actually still sleepy and was a bit hesitant to go since the sun is up.. but then, since i know that the sun is at its worst during 10am - 3pm (or was that 9 am?)..
i didnt forget to apply sunblock, in my face and in my whole body.. just to protect my skin from the sun...

so there we are, swimming at the beach.. we went back home around 9am... but when i was in the shower and looked myself in the mirror, i noticed i got a bit darker and i noticed tan lines... i dont really know if this is normal or not.. but as far as i know i dont get tan lines swimming for that short span of time..

hahayzz.. what is happening to the world?.. climate change?.. global warming?...gosh, i hope MR. sun would be lenient and people will start doing there responsibility..


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