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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kissing Scene Photos in friendster

on march 2, 2008 i posted about the four kinds of of photos people usually post in friendster... later i realized that i missed something.. there is a number 5 to the list.. and that is the "kissing scene" photo... yeah, i notice (and a friend of mine agreed) that more and more people who are in a relationship would take a picture of themselves kissing each other and post it in friendster... oh well, the world is getting liberated... lol

neweiz, i dont have a pic like that... im not yet a member to the "with-kissing-scene-photos club".. harhar... but just watch out, a bug might enter to my brain and i might post something like that.. harharharhar...

and oh, for those guys out there who have a kissing-scene photo in there friendster but the relationship is not yet legal to their parents, isusumbong ko kayo sa nanay ninyo... waaaaahhhhhh.. hahaha

i didnt add this to my last post since this photos are only applicable to those people who are in a relationship...


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